Pollutant-Free Cultivations: Our Commitment to Reducing Plastic Waste

As well as our continuing dedication to consumer health and safety through technological advances that allow our team to detect and remove possible traces of microplastics in our products, Java Biocolloid has recently invested in the development of new, plastic free ponds for the cultivation of Gracilaria seaweed near Lamongan.

The lagoons facing the Java Sea were once covered by dense mangrove forests. Sadly, high levels of deforestation perpetuated over the centuries has left spaces for marine ingression, turning once fertile land and forests into non-arable salt marshes. 

In order to bring a source of livelihood back to these struggling rural communities, Java Biocolloid has begun the creation of ponds for the cultivation of organic Gracilaria seaweed. Besides providing these communities with a source of income, this investment will remove the brackish water from cultivable areas and substantially decrease the admission of sea water into the fresh water table.

This new cultivation system will be developed by completely eliminating the use of plastic in both the cultivation practice and the packaging process, using only naturally biodegradable materials.