phytaFIBER® for Chocolate Milk Beverage

Chocolate milk is a worldwide-popular beverage from young children to adults. One of the parameters that concerns the chocolate milk producers is the stability of the product during the storage.


Generally, stabilizers are added to keep the chocolate powder from settling on the bottom of the bottle and separating from milk during storage. By adding stabilizers on the product, it is a compulsory to add the information on the label. These days, the need for simple claims and packaging causes to the usage of additives is not a favorable option by some manufacturers.


This is where the role of phytaFIBER® is advantageous as an alternative to other additives or stabilizer. phytaFIBER® is pure pulverized Gracilaria verrucosaseaweed powder with no E-number. It is not an additive, but an ingredient. The manufacturer can declare phytaFIBER® simply as “Gracilaria verrucosaseaweed” and promote clean label in their product.


Our R&D's recent devopment shows that the usage of phytafiber can improve mouthfeel, giving full-body of chocolate milk, and even stabilize product after 2 weeks of storage. Further study is still being conducted to see the product stability. Besides functioning as a texturizer, phytaFIBER® also increases the amount of soluble and insoluble fiber and minerals in the product.


Contact us to get a recipe for chocolate milk drinks with phytaFIBER®.