Java Biocolloid is NOP-Certified

We proudly claim to be the first and only company in the world able to produce and trade organic seaweed Gracilaria verrucosaextracts worldwide.


Producing naturally in line with the blue economy has been our philosophy since the establishment of the company. Thanks to the dedication from all Java Biocolloid team, we are now complying with US FDA standards and have achieved one of our biggest goals, NOP Organic Certification.


Creating good products according to the laws of nature for the sake of our own well-being and the health of the environment is the clear message given to us by our planet.


After a long and strenuous journey, Java Biocolloid is pleased to announce that the American based certification body, OneCert, has issued the USFDA standards Organic Certificate for our seaweed and seaweed extract products. This is yet another great achievement, adding to the existing EU Organic Certificate following the European guidelines issued by the German based certification body, KIWA BCS. Our range of certifications guarantee high quality products to our customers that meet all of the requirements of the organic process, from the raw material up to the final product.


Many end users are frightened by the potential high cost of organic products, but today the Java Biocolloid can dispel this opinion by offering high quality organic agar at competitive prices, sometimes lower than conventional agar from Western manufacturers.


There are no secrets behind our organic products. Rather much research and passion which has resulted in an innovative production process based on the physical treatment using temperature and pressure, rather than chemical processes (strong alkali, acids or chlorine based bleaching) to treat the seaweed. Our mild and organically certified processing system is not only more environmentally friendly but also more cost effective, making our agar highly competitive. As we present our organic products to the market, we are certain that our customers will recognise the value, not only economically or technically, but also related to the social and environmental aspects.


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(updated on 16 November 2018)