CSR - School Milk Program for a Better Children's Health


Milk plays an important role for body growth and development, especially for young children. Since childhood, we are introduced to milk that contains complete nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis.

On Saturday, 4 August 2018, Java Biocolloid under the Hakiki Group, together with Rotary Club Surabaya West and Indonesia Marketing Association held “Gerakan Minum Susu” – a school milk program, by giving free milk to several schools in Indonesia.

Two public elementary schools were chosen to be the first two schools that are involved in this program. The two schools are located near Java Biocolloid Factory, namely "SDN Baujeng I" and "SDN Kemirisewu I" - East Java, Indonesia. 

Surveys on allergies and lactose-intolerance on students have been evaluated in advance to ensure the event runs smoothly. More than 300 students were involved and enthusiastically welcomed this event.

Through this school milk program, we hope students and teachers can realize how important the role of milk in our daily life. Especially for the students who have a lot of physical activities.

This program is continually held every week for the next three years in several elementary schools in Indonesia. For anyone who is interested to join this program, we are gladfully receive any kinds of support for the continuity of this program.


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