Taxonomical Name Changes of phytaFIBER’s Raw Material

Java Biocolloid is the first company in the hydrocolloid world that, a few years ago, developed the new concept of gelling agent rich in fibers not listed as a food additive but as a traditional food not subjected to Novel Food legislation.

The product phytaFIBER, which can be considered a pulverized seaweed, is obtained from a physical and 100% chemical-free process of the cultivated red seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa.

Recently, the scientific board of taxonomical review changed the name of Gracilaria verrucosa Papenfuss to Gracilariopsis longissima

Since Gracilaria verrucosa was originally registered in the list of European traditional foods and not subjected to Novel Food Java Biocolloid established direct communication with the European authorities to avoid effects on the status of the phytaFIBER®, which we always refer to as Gracilaria verrucosa

To address this issue, Java Biocolloid, in collaboration with the University of Trieste and the epigenetic center of AREA Science Park of Trieste, conducted a scientific study including DNA mapping and botanical review, to support the validity of the identification process. Finally, after a series of these studies, Java Biocolloid succeeded in reassuring the European Commission to include the name Gracilariopsis longissima in the list of European traditional food.