Organic and Nutritious Granola Bar

Healthy and convenient - these snack bars have been quite popular nowadays. Compacted in a handy size but rich in proteins, vitamins and fibers makes these bars practical to eat as breakfast to kick off the day or as snack during midafternoon on tight schedule.


The newest Java Biocolloid's R&D development is involving phytaFIBER® in granola bars. One of the important keys in a snack bar is maintaining the integrity of the ingredients so they are not easily break.This is where the role of Phytafiber as 2-in-1 texturizing agent and fiber source. It improves the texture, bind all the ingredients and increase the dietary fiber source.


In general granola bar is made by mixing toghther all the ingredients such as cereal, rolled oat, wheat, legumes, dried fruit, sugar, butter and honey, (chocolate in some cases) and baked for several minutes. phytaFIBER® is used replace or reduce the sugar, honey and chocolate in the ingredient and promote as lower sugar granola bar for those who concerns with sugar intake.


Unlike other hydrocolloids that usually considered as food additive, phytaFIBER® can be listed as ingredient 'Gracilaria verrucosa red seaweed' without E-number and helps promoting clean label products.


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