BRC Certification - Another Milestone Achieved

The year 2018 is a very meaningful year for Java Biocolloid. One month after officially certified NOP, new certification with the highest standard has been achieved, which is BRC with A distinction. This is not the end of our struggle, it is the beginning of our committment to manufacture the highest and consistent quality products.


Continuing along the path of innovation Java Biocolloid began the BRC certification process several months ago, following the demands of the market. Nowadays, most major companies in the food sector are inclined to buy from suppliers with quality certifications of an international standard, and taking this into account, we are proud to now trade with the BRC certification, ensuring the highest standard of food safety, quality and legality. certification was made possible by the efforts of the Java Biocolloid team, from the plant operators to management, painstakingly improving our company's social and internal relationships, keeping in line with our philosophy of moving forward together.

Click here to find our facility at BRC Directory.