Defending Our Future Environment

Environmental problems are increasingly complex and sometimes dilemmatic. On one side, development and industrialization are needed to increase economic growth, while on the other side, industrialization can have a negative impact on the environment.


Since it was first established, Java Biocolloid believes that the environment is one of the issues that must be prioritized. This factory exists because of the environment and it is our responsibility to preserve it, maintain and improve the quality of life of employees, customers and the surrounding community.


Some of the commitments that Java Biocolloid has taken to preserve the environment are based on the principles of the Blue Economy, adopting the concept of 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery) in daily operations. Together with the community leaders of the Kemiri Sewu village, we have signed an environmental agreement that guarantees suitably purified water to the farmers of the area surrounding the processing plant.


Check the attachment of signed environmental policy in Indonesian and English here.