Visit to Special Needs School - YPAC Surabaya

On Wednesday, 20 July 2022, Hakiki Group, with Rotary Club Surabaya West, Rotaract Club Surabaya West, Rotary Club Surabaya Rungkut, Rotary Club Surabaya Selatan, and Rotaract UKDC visited the special needs school, YPAC In Semolowaru, Surabaya, East Java Indonesia.

An orthopedic physician named Prof. DR. R. Soeharso founded the YPAC (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children) Surabaya in 1954. He was the first to pioneer the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities.

The YPAC's motto, "Disability or not is not a measure of one's ability," serves as a constant reminder that everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

Through educational programs at YPAC, children with special needs can get an elementary to high school education. YPAC also has a pre-vocational program so that fostered children can empower their skills and have economic value to fill their daily activities.

This visit is part of the corporate social responsibility programs of the Hakiki Group. Around 15 people from Hakiki Group, Rotary Club, and Rotaract participated in this visit. We are guided by Mrs. Agatha, the person in charge of the pre-vocational section who helped us learn more about the needs of children with special needs.

Although raising a child with special needs can be more complex than it first appears, the support of others can make a big difference in the child's life. No matter how little, we hope that our assistance will aid them and motivate others to offer support.