Vegan cheese spread with agarOLES

The vegan and vegetarian trend is continually booming in the food industry. The interest keeps increasing due to their concerns related to health, sustainability, and animal welfare. A growing number of consumers are experimenting with healthy plant-based replacements for their favorite dairy products.

Vegan cheese spread is one of the most challenging plant-based alternative products. The difficulty is to achieve cheese spread with the right texture, smoothness, and creaminess. This is where the role of hydrocolloid is needed to achieve the desired texture.

Java Biocolloid R&D team has developed the recipe for vegan cheese spread with agarOLES®. By using agarOLES®, the final product has good spreadability and a full-bodied texture. agarOLES® plays an important role as a stabilizer to enhance the quality of the cheese spread. Agar has long been known as a hydrocolloid which has a water binding capacity of almost 100 times its weight. This functional property is very useful for minimizing the syneresis.

Other benefits of using agarOLES® are related to the nutritional aspect. Hydrocolloids could be used as fat mimetics in the production of low-fat food. This recipe is formulated with reduced fat content while maintaining overall palatability. Generally, products with high fat will determine the level of creaminess. agarOLES® gel exhibits an excellent level of creaminess and spreadability, unlike other hydrocolloids. Thanks to the unique property of agarOLES®, cheese spread with agarOLES® can have excellent creaminess, smoothness, and spreadability.

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