Solar Panel Installation as Our Sustainability Commitment

As a form of commitment to be the company that cares about the environment, Java Biocolloid will soon install solar panels to reduce electricity consumption. Java Biocolloid's concern and awareness to switch to environmentally friendly energy sources are based on the fact that electricity is an essential element for all activities.


As the industry develops, the electricity demand is also increasing. Almost 90% of electricity generation comes from fossil coal, which is a non-renewable natural resource that produces greenhouse emissions.


The installation will take two months after the finalization of the paperwork. The energy generated from this solar panel is 420 kilo Watt peak (DC) and 363kVa (AC). The type of solar panel used is Polycrystalline 350 Wp which is suitable for industrial areas with high air temperature intensity and can work in low sun exposure conditions with a maximum efficiency value of 17.21% against solar energy radiation (irradiance).


With the installation of this solar power, it will be able to supply 25% of our factory's electricity needs and will contribute to reducing carbon emissions by 370 tons per year.