Delivering Relief: Response to Natural Disaster East Nusa Tenggara

Seroja Tropical Cyclone hit on Sunday (4/4/2021) in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. As a result of this cyclone, there were 10 districts and one city in East Nusa Tenggara hit by the flash flood and landslides. This disaster was said to be natural disasters with the greatest impact in the last 10 years in the province, according to the National Board for Disaster Management.


As of April 10, 2021, there have been 174 fatalities, 48 people are still missing, and more than 2000 people have been affected by flooding. Hundreds of houses were damaged and many public infrastructure and facilities were damaged.


As a part of humanitarian relief, the Hakiki Group together with several other companies and the Rotary Club Surabaya West and the Rotary Club of Surabaya Rungkut collected food and basic necessities for disaster victims.


Help was provided in the form of clothes, personal care, blankets, food and beverage ingredients, canned food, medicines and sanitizers. A full container of 397 packages was shipped and will be distributed through the Rotary Club of Kupang Central for equitable distribution.


We would like to thank all parties who participated in this activity:

Hakiki Group & Java Biocolloid Group employees

Sindo Express that provides the transport to the destination

Rotary Club Surabaya West

Rotaract Club Surabaya West

Rotary Club of Surabaya Rungkut

Rotary Club of Kupang Central

And all the communities and individuals who have contributed in this action